Streamplify MIC TRIPOD RGB Microphone With Tripod
Streamplify MIC TRIPOD RGB Microphone With Tripod
Streamplify MIC TRIPOD RGB Microphone With Tripod

Streamplify MIC TRIPOD RGB Microphone With Tripod

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Streamplify MIC TRIPOD RGB Microphone With Tripod

RGB Microphone with a lightweight yet sturdy tripod that allows for easy angle adjustment and stable positioning. Cardioid pickup pattern perfectly captures your voice while blocking out unwanted noise from the sides and rear.

Features 2 audio playback modes, Full Playback Podcast Mode and One-way Playback Gaming Mode, to suit your needs no matter what type of content you’re creating.

Be Heard Loud and Clear

Make your voice clearer and more powerful than ever before. Whether it be live streaming, video or audio recording, podcasting, or voice comms with the squad, be heard loud and clear no matter what.

Impeccable Sound Quality

Built for excellent sound quality, the MIC features a professional design and premium grade materials rivaling that of studio recording microphones. Not only does it deliver ultra-clear sound quality, but also a richer and fuller tone that will flatter your voice.

Sturdy Tripod With Shock Mount

Lightweight yet sturdy foldable tripod allows for easy angle adjustment and can be rotated to achieve the perfect position for optimal sound pickup.

Anti-vibration shock mount isolates the mic and suppresses the sound caused by vibrations and any unintentional bumps or rumbles.

2 Audio Playback Modes

Hold down on the volume knob to switch freely between Full Playback Podcast Mode or One-way Playback Gaming Mode.

Dynamic RGB Lighting Modes

Give your stream a more personal touch with stylish and dynamic RGB lighting effects. Cycle between preset RGB and LED lighting modes to fit your desired mood and vibe.

Cardioid Pickup Pattern

Blocks out unwanted noise and reduces the pickup of sounds from the sides and rear.

With Cardioid Pickup Pattern, MIC has the highest sensitivity to sound coming in from directly in front of the microphone, nearly zero sensitivity coming from directly behind, and reduced sensitivity to sound coming in from the sides.

Quick Mute Function

Convenient mute button with LED indicator allows you to rapidly cut off the voice recording. MIC’s LED will blink red along with a notification sound to indicate that your mic has been muted.

Pop Filter

Reduces popping sounds while blocking plosive sounds, air blasts, and wind interference from hitting the mic.


  • Model : MIC TRIPOD
  • Sensor type : Ø16 mm condenser capsules
  • Number of condensers : 1
  • Pick-up pattern : Cardioid
  • Sampling rate : 16bit, 48kHz
  • Frequency response : 100Hz-18kHz
  • Signal to noise ratio : >85 dB
  • Sensitivity : <-36dB±3dB
  • Sound pressure level : 120dB
  • Impedance : <680Ω
  • THD : <0.1%(at 1kHz)
  • Audio-out : Yes, 3.5MM Jack
  • Mute function : Yes
  • Lighting effect : 8 Modes, 2 RGB modes
  • Power required : 5V 500mA
  • Plug & Play : Yes, standard UVC & UVA protocol
  • Connection type : USB 2.0 type A, Compatible to type 3.0 connector
  • Cable length : 180cm
  • Compatible device : Laptop, PC, Gaming Consoles (PS4/PS5/Xbox)
  • Compatible software & OS : Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP, Mac OS, Chrome OS