Glorious XL Gaming Mouse PAD 16"x18" - White Edition
Glorious XL Gaming Mouse PAD 16"x18" - White Edition
Glorious XL Gaming Mouse PAD 16"x18" - White Edition

Glorious XL Gaming Mouse PAD 16"x18" - White Edition

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With the Glorious Pro GW-XL Gaming Surface on your desk, enjoy smooth gliding action and the ultimate control of your optical gaming mouse. Providing you with ample room to manoeuvre, this mouse mat is a great gaming surface for fans of FPS titles. The cloth surface is optimised for optical sensors, and the stitched edges prevent fraying.

Stand firm in battle as the anti-slip rubber base holds its position, and the durable materials keep their shape. With the Glorious GW-XL Gaming Surface, you never need to worry about creases and unwanted slip-ups.

Here is what popular gaming critic, Jordan Ash, has to say about the Glorious Stitch Cloth Pro Gaming Surface Range:

It glides so well… The stitching is really nice, the rubber has got so much grip.


  • Extra-large white gaming surface that’s excellent for wide turning circles and FPS titles
  • Anti-slip rubber base to help you stand firm in battle
  • Stitched edges to prevent damage and fraying
  • Cloth surface perfected for optical sensors
  • Low-friction surface for full control and speed
  • Thin mouse mat with a premium foam core for great durability


Get the best out of your optical gaming mouse when pairing it with the Glorious Pro GW-XL Gaming Surface. This extra-large mouse pad is perfect for making big, sweeping movements and wide turning circles — an outstanding base for FPS titles. Your desk will stay looking battle-ready with this outstanding gaming surface.

Made with a premium foam core and a cloth exterior, this mouse mat boasts great durability. The edges are stitched to not only provide a neat finish, but also prevent fraying and damage. With a rubber base, the anti-slip material keeps your Glorious GW-XL in place, so you don’t have to worry about intense gaming sessions shifting your mat about. Optimised for optical sensors, the cloth surface fits whichever brand or sensitivity is your preference. The result - you're granted excellent control and speed when you need it. Your Teflon skates will simply glide across this low-friction mouse mat.


  • Brand- Glorious
  • Model- Pro Gaming Surface
  • Size/Type- GW-XL
  • Dimensions- 475mm x 406mm
  • Thickness- 2mm
  • Colour- White
  • Materials- Surface: Smooth cloth
  • Base: Anti-slip rubber
  • Interior: High quality foam
  • Compatibility- Optical sensors
  • Recommended Game Type- MOBA, FPS
  • Warranty- 1-year warranty from date of purchase