Glorious Element Gaming Mouse Pad 17"x15" - Ice
Glorious Element Gaming Mouse Pad 17"x15" - Ice

Glorious Element Gaming Mouse Pad 17"x15" - Ice

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Add elemental energy to your battle station with Glorious Elements Gaming Surfaces. Available in three designs, Ice, Fire, and Air, each gaming surface takes on characteristics of their element. The Ice mouse mat is glass-infused and cool to the touch, your mouse will skate effortlessly across the surface. The Fire mouse mat is all about speed and control, with its buttery smooth laminated surface. Lastly, the Air mouse mat is made from solid plastic and ultra-thin, for friction-free scrolling. Pick your element and enjoy the competitive edge.


  • Premium gaming surfaces with elemental themes
  • Choose from Ice, Fire, and Air designs — each taking on characteristics of their element
  • Extra-large in size with a premium foam core
  • Rubberised base for excellent grip during intense battle
  • Glass-infused surface that’s cool to the touch for smooth and fast gliding action
  • Hard wearing and durable, built to last with no fraying edges
  • Crease resistant and lies perfectly flat upon your desk surface


Harness the power of ice and enjoy smooth gliding action. The Glorious Elements Ice Gaming Surface is a glass-infused cloth mouse mat that is cool to the touch. Padded with a foam core, this gaming surface provides a comfortable, extra-large area to operate your optical mouse. Its icy surface promotes effortless speed akin to skating across the ice rink.

Tough like ice, the Glorious Elements Ice Gaming Surface is durable and hard wearing. Built to last, the edges will not fray with use and the rubberised underside will keep your mouse mat standing firm. What’s more, the premium materials used for this mouse mat are crease resistant and will keep it lying pristinely flat.

It should be noted that due to the make-up of this material, the oils from your hands and other dirt will affect its performance. Regular cleaning will prevent this from being an issue. Here is how Glorious recommend you clean the Glorious Elements Ice Gaming Surface:

  1. Dampen a soft cloth or towel and add liquid dish soap.
  2. Lie the mouse mat flat on a surface and gently rub the soapy cloth across the pad to remove the any grease, dirt, or grime.
  3. Dampen a separate soft cloth or towel and use this to wipe away leftover soap and residues.
  4. Using a dry soft cloth or towel, pat dry to remove excess liquid for faster drying.
  5. Leave the mouse mat to air dry fully over 24 hours before using again. Leave in a shaded place to avoid light damage.


With the element of fire, it is all about precision and control. The Glorious Elements Fire Gaming Surface is made from a hybrid cloth material, laminated to provide an even plane. Enjoy near uniform x/y control with your optical gaming mouse as it glides across this buttery smooth mat.

Much like the Ice mat, this cloth gaming surface has a premium foam core and rubberised base. Durable and hard wearing, the Glorious Elements Fire Gaming Surface will stand firm as you head into battle, time after time, without a single frayed edge. “Wear and tear” is nothing to this mouse mat. Additionally, it will hold its shape and not cinch even during the most intense gaming sessions.


Nimble and light, the Glorious Elements Air Gaming Surface differs to the rest of the range. Instead of cloth, it is made from polycarbonate — a durable, ultra-thin plastic. This surface provides near friction-less action as your optical gaming mouse simply flies across it. Enjoy outstanding accuracy and fast scrolling with this gaming surface under your mouse.

As it is made from a hard material, the underside uses an adhesive base to keep it in place rather than rubber. Just as effective, the Glorious Elements Air Gaming Surface will hold fast and firm in every battle. Being made from polycarbonate, this durable plastic can withstand high impacts and extreme conditions, though we doubt your gaming environment would ever reach 140℃! This mouse mat will hold its shape, giving you an even surface for every gaming session.


  • Brand- Glorious
  • Model- Elements Gaming Surface
  • Element- Ice
  • Materials- Surface: Glass infused cloth
  • Core: Premium foam
  • Base: Non-slip rubber
  • Size- Extra large
  • Dimensions- 17” x 15”, 380mm x 430mm
  • Thickness- 4.0mm
  • Weight- 325g
  • Colour- Black
  • Box Contents- 1 x Glorious Elements Ice Mouse Pad